How can I add my YouTube videos via RSS?

Video is the next big thing when it comes to content! So obviously you're going to want to share your videos or other people's videos that you have on YouTube. You can do so by simply adding an RSS feed from your YouTube Channel to SocialBee. Here's how you can do that: 

Finding the RSS Feed of your YouTube Channel

To find the RSS Feed of the Channel you want to add, first you need to go to that channel's home page. Once you're there, you need to right-click and View Page source (or just use CMD+U / CTRL+U). Use CMD+F / CTRL+F to look for "RSS" in the page source.

Once you've found it, copy the link. That is the RSS Feed you need. It should look like this:

Adding the YouTube feed to SocialBee

Now that you have your YouTube RSS feed, you can go ahead and add it to SocialBee. To do so, go to your Content drop-down menu and click RSS. Then, click "+ Add RSS".

A new window will pop up, so you can add your YouTube RSS feed (or any RSS feed, really). 

Now you can select the socials where you want to share your Feed, select the category, add the Feed URL (the one you copied from the page source of the YouTube Channel), and Append Text (if you want to). 

When you're done setting it up, click "Create" and you're done! 

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