User Search

With User Search, you can research accounts on Twitter that you may want to interact with at a later time, based on information on their profiles. 

More specifically you will be able to find up to 1000 accounts (for each different search) using the information found in the details of each account like the bio and location. For instance, “social media US”.  That way, you can go to their profile on Twitter and engage in conversation with them on topics that interest both of you or follow them to keep yourself informed on their thoughts. 

To access this tool, you will need to go to your Audience menu and then to the “User Search” tab. You then need to click the Twitter profile for the account you want to search users for. 

You can then proceed to add your criteria in the search bar, keeping in mind that there are multiple filters you can use to customize your search. If you don’t feel like you need to add filters, that’s okay too. We’ve preset some filters for your to make sure you get only the best social profiles.

Once you’ve done a search, you'll find the resulted profiles in a list, below the search bar.

Some good things to keep in mind when using this feature are:

  • You should not have more than 3 words in one search, otherwise, your search may be too restricted. This is mainly because the more words you use, the fewer chances there are that people have all of them in their details. This means that we recommend using a search term like “Social media UK” instead of “Social Media Marketer UK Ireland Spain”. In this example, using multiple locations would bring about fewer (if any) results, while long-tail keywords might be too specific. To avoid that, use each location in a separate search.
  • You should use a singular instead of a plural term when describing careers (so, for instance, “marketer” not “marketers”), because people tend to use the singular version in their bios (e.g. I'm a marketer in love with social media).
  • At one point, your lookup can become obsolete. Once you’ve gone through the 1000 accounts that were found, you will need to start a new search, with a different keyword(s).
  • Twitter does provide us with up to 1000 results for each search, but we filter out the ones you already follow, as well as the ones that don't pass your set filters, so you might see less than 1000 accounts to follow for each User Search. There's also a chance that Twitter can't find a full 1000 profiles for a particular search. 
  • You can add various filters to customize your search, but don’t overdo it, as you might end up not finding any relevant accounts.
  • You can use the “Add to blacklist” feature to avoid seeing some accounts in your future searches. 

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