Competitor Audience

One of the ways to find accounts that are relevant to you is by looking at the followers of other Twitter accounts, that have the same interests as you. 

These accounts can be either influencers from your industry (magazines, bloggers, etc.), your competitors, or any other account you find relevant. This way, you already know that people who follow these accounts have an interest in your industry and are more likely to be interested in interacting with you.

Once you’re in the Competitor  Audience page, all you need to do is add the Twitter handle of the account you want to view followers from and start interacting with the accounts that grab your attention, directly on Twitter.

Some good things to keep in mind when using this feature are:

  • You can add various filters to customize your search, but don’t overdo it, as you might end up not finding any relevant accounts.
  • You can use the “Add to blacklist” feature to avoid following some accounts in the future. 

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