Keyword Search

Use this feature to find people tweeting about a specific subject. 

You can do this with actual keywords or hashtags, but we recommend using keywords instead of hashtags if you want a broader reach. To do so, you need to go to the "Keyword Search" tab, from your Audience menu, then select the Twitter profile you want to use for this search.

You can now go ahead and write the keyword(s) or hashtag(s) inside the search bar and click the Search button. 

Keep in mind that we have already added some preset filters to your search, to make sure you get the best accounts, but if you want to add your own filters, you’ll have to click “Advanced Settings” and add the filters that interest you. 

Once you’ve initiated the search, the platform will be looking for new accounts who included the keyword(s) you added in their tweets. Now all you have to do is curate a list of the accounts that best suit your search. Then, you can go ahead and interact with them directly on Twitter.

Some good things to keep in mind when using this feature are:

  • You can use the “Add to blacklist” feature to avoid seeing some accounts in future searches. 
  • The number of accounts provided by a Keyword Search depends on the usage of the keyword. This means that the more people use a certain word in their tweets, the more accounts you will be able to find.
  • Using a hashtag restricts the number of accounts to follow, so use it only when necessary. Only use hashtag searches for something that can be misinterpreted without. For instance, if you’re interested in AI you should use the hashtag, since #AI usually refers to Artificial Intelligence, while ‘ai’ is actually a regular word in multiple languages, that may have nothing to do with Artificial Intelligence.
  • You can add various filters to customize your search, but don’t overdo it, as you might end up not finding any relevant accounts.

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