A blacklist is a list of accounts that you don’t want to show up in your searches, so we don’t show them to Competitor Audience, User Search, Keyword Search, Fans). 

These might be shady accounts, competitors, or high school arch enemies. We don’t judge.

To access your blacklist, you need to go to your Audience menu, then click on the “Blacklist” tab and select the Twitter profile you want to see the blacklist for. 

In your blacklist, you’ll be able to view all of the accounts you’ve previously blacklisted, so the accounts you didn’t want to see in your searches at some point in the past. 

You can always remove an account from your blacklist by clicking the big red button next to it.

You can also add a particular Twitter handle if you know you don’t want to unfollow that person and then hit the “+ Add” button. 

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