Posting Through Our Zapier Integration

Although we have many integrations and ways to publish content to your social profiles, Zapier is an advanced feature that can be applied to all the profiles you've connected to our platform and will allow you further customization.

This comes already enabled and you'll be able to switch between SocialBee and Zapier (or any of our other integrations) from your Posting Setup

Once you've made it to Posting Setup, you will be able to select if you want to post natively (via SocialBee) or through any of our integrations. Keep in mind that some profiles (like Pinterest) can't publish content natively. You'll have to choose between Hootsuite, Zapier, or Buffer (for paid accounts only).

Once you've selected Zapier (by clicking on the logo), you'll see a button that asks you to add your Zapier account. Click on it and follow through the steps to grant SocialBee the necessary permissions to connect the two platforms.

We need to access the following information: the Zap templates you already have or that you will create and a list of your Zaps and their status. This is to make sure we know what to do (so, what the template is) and if we should do it (if the status is set to active or not).

If you have connected SocialBee and Zapier previously

It's important to mention that we have released an official version of our app, so you no longer have to join by invite. If you've previously connected SocialBee, please go to My Apps (from the sidebar menu on the left) and disconnect all previous versions. The correct one is "SocialBee" without any number in brackets.

Building your Zap will take several steps, as follows:

1. Selecting SocialBee as the app.

2. The trigger (publishing a post) will be selected by default. This means that whenever something is sent to be posted by SocialBee, the zap will be triggered.

3. Choosing your SocialBee account.

4. Choosing your SocialBee workspace.

5. Choosing one of your connected profiles.

6. Test your trigger. This will ensure that the setup has been done correctly so far.

Once that's done, all you have to do is to test your setup and make sure everything is alright. And, from here, let the customization begin, as according to your needs!

And, if you're interested in it, check out our article on how to add posts through Zapier.

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