Why Was My RSS Feed Paused?

RSS is a protocol that some sites have (e.g. all sites built on WordPress), and that allows applications like SocialBee to know when you published a new post.

SocialBee uses these protocols to look for new articles into a category of your choice (such as Blogs from RSS) every 60 minutes after it has been added. But what happens when something changes to them? They will be paused.
Some common causes for this could be:
  • The website is down;
  • The website suddenly has some issues with their RSS;
  • The RSS feed no longer exists;
  • The website no longer exists;
  • The RSS link has been changed.

If our platform fails to gather data after 3 consecutive tries, your RSS feed will be paused. If you know that the issue has been fixed, you can activate it from your RSS Feeds menu by clicking "Resume RSS".

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