Can I Use SocialBee in Multiple Languages?

Can I create posts in a different language?

✔️ Yes, you can create posts in any language you need, as many languages as you need, the possibilities are limitless. 

Can I post on Facebook in multiple languages?

❌ No, we don't support this as a part of our integration with Facebook. But it will absolutely be a priority if it becomes available to us.

Can I use SocialBee in a different language?

❌ No, the only language available for SocialBee as a platform is English.

Can I purchase the Concierge services in a different language?

🤔 Maybe, this really depends on our bees and your needs. We suggest booking a call with us here to discuss this.

Do you support Right-to-Left languages?

✔️ Yes, all you have to do is right-click on the post editor, go to Writing Direction, and select “Right to Left”.

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