Posting on Instagram (Through our Zapier Integration)

If you have an Instagram Business profile, you can choose to post either directly via SocialBee, using our Buffer Integration, or using our Zapier integration. In this article, we will go through the steps you need to go through to start posting via Zapier.

For this, you will need:

  • An Instagram Business Profile connected to a Facebook Page
  • A Zapier account

Connecting your Instagram to Zapier

In order to add your Instagram to Zapier, toggle the side menu, travel to My Apps, and click on "Add Connection". Once you are there, search for "Instagram for Business" and click on the result.

This will prompt you to authorize access to your Facebook account. It's important to make sure you are logged into the Facebook Personal Profile that is an admin or editor of the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Business Profile.

Follow through the steps one by one, selecting the Instagram Business Profiles you want and the associated Facebook Pages that you want to grant access to. Please do not change any of the permissions required or this could become a problem when a post is scheduled to be posted.

Once you've authorized the app, you should be able to see it in your Instagram for Business Connections.

Switching your Posting Setup to Zapier in SocialBee

To switch between posting directly, via Reminders, or any of our other integrations, and start posting via Zapier, all you have to do is go to your SocialBee Dashboard and click on "Posting Setup".

Once there, make sure to select Zapier and click on "Add Zapier Account". Once you've authorized our app to have the read and write permissions needed, you will be redirected to the posting setup.

Creating the Zap to Post to Instagram Directly

With our Zapier integration, you can create Zaps directly from SocialBee. All you have to do is click on "Create Zap" for this specific profile.

Once you did that, a new screen will pop up that will take you through all the steps, one by one. You will be prompted to sign into your SocialBee account and, once you've done that, every field will be filled in automatically with one exception. In "Instagram Account to Use" make sure you select the same profile that you are in the posting set up of at that time.

Once completed, you can turn on the Zap and refresh your page to see it in the menu. The button should be green (toggled to the right) which marks it as enabled. You will also see an "Edit Zap" button, which will allow you to go to Advanced Mode in your setup to add more details.

Congratulations! Your setup is finished and you can now start sharing content to your Instagram page directly.

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