Integrations: How Do I Design with Canva in SocialBee?

One of SocialBee's integrations is Canva – a design platform for graphics, presentations, and other design materials.

⚠️  NOTE ⚠️ Designs created in SocialBee via Canva are treated as one-off designs, and will NOT be added to your Canva account. For them to be saved, please use a pre-existing design you have created outside SocialBee. 

How to design an image with Canva in SocialBee


Create a post using the Post Editor and open Canva in your editor.


Create your designs in the Canva pop-up: use templates or create from scratch. 

  • To search through your Canva files, go to the “Projects” folder in the Canva pop-up. Make sure you're logged into your Canva account in the same Browser.
  • Once done, click on “Add to SocialBee” in the top-right corner to add your image to SocialBee.


Your image is now added to your post. To apply additional edits, click on the Canva icon in the bottom-left corner of your design to re-open the editor.


If you want to share a carousel post (more than one image), you can re-open Canva by clicking on its logo.

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