ConciergeBee: All You Need to Know

Formerly known as "Concierge Services," ConciergeBee is now an independent brand that offers marketing services. If you're already using SocialBee for social media management, take it a step further with ConciergeBee's specialized services.

Some of the staple ConciergeBee Services are:

  • Social Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Engaged Growth
  • Acquisition & Amplification

For in-depth information about each ConciergeBee service, visit our website at

Who Is Conciergebee For?

ConciergeBee is perfect for those short on time or seeking expert help. From startups to agencies, anyone aiming to elevate their social media strategy can benefit from our services.

You can get our ConciergeBee whenever you want to, but they are especially helpful if you don’t know what to post on your social media profiles or if you don’t have the time to do that properly.

We’ve had clients who were just starting out benefiting from our services, but we’ve also had agencies that work with us on some of their biggest clients. So really, it’s all about when you are ready to let us help you with your social media. 

How Does It Work?

Here's what the typical process looks like:


Fill in Your Intake Form

First things first, you fill out your intake form. This form serves as a tool to ensure you and your dedicated bee are on the same page. The more detailed the information you provide, the better we can cater to your specific needs.


Meet Your Designated Bee

Next, you'll get to meet your own designated specialist (bee). This specialist is the one responsible for delivering your content and ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.


Sit Back and Relax

The steps from here can vary depending on the specific service you've chosen. Our team will carefully review your intake form and carry out the necessary research to prepare for delivering your chosen service.

💡 What's the timeline for this whole process?

Setting up won't take much of your time – just a matter of minutes. However, the duration can vary depending on the specific service you choose. Right from the outset, your designated specialist will provide you with a clear outline of the steps involved and the estimated time required for your specific service.

Keep in mind: we also offer recurring services with content delivery on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly). For a detailed list of ConciergeBee services, check out our offerings.


Can I Work on the Platform if There’s a Bee Assigned to Me?

Certainly!  Having a dedicated Bee assigned to you doesn’t restrain your access to the platform. If anything, we encourage you to be active on the platform and communicate with your designated Bee to make the strategy the best it can be.

Where Can I Purchase ConciergeBee Services?

You can purchase ConciergeBee Services from our dedicated ConciergeBee Store at For a broader array of services and expert options, you can explore our Fiverr Marketplace.

Will the Transition to ConciergeBee Disrupt Ongoing Campaigns?

No, rest assured that ongoing campaigns will seamlessly continue without any interruptions. 

Will the Transition Affect the Current Pricing Structure?

The transition to ConciergeBee won't impact our existing pricing structure. Your current pricing agreements will remain unchanged.

Will There Be Changes to Current Services?

No, all services you're currently utilizing will remain unaffected by this transition.

How Do I Contact ConciergeBee for Services?

To contact us, reach out to

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