[BETA] Social Media Copilot: All You Need to Know

🤖 SocialBee's social media copilot is currently in BETA. We're excited to grow this feature with your help, so feel free to email us at hello@socialbee.com with any feedback you might have for us.
By using our copilot,  you do NOT lose any of your current setup for Content Categories, schedules, or posts. The categories, schedule, and posts generated by Copilot come on top of your current setup.

What is SocialBee's Copilot?

SocialBee's copilot is your personal AI social media manager. You can use our copilot to generate an entire social media strategy, with posts ready to edit and share on your feeds.

You can use our copilot if you're unsure where to start, what content to use, what posting times to go for and what social media profiles to focus on for your brand.

Also, as a new user, when you create a brand-new account in SocialBee you can choose to do your onboarding with our Copilot.

How does Copilot work?

We'll ask you a few initial questions and based on your input we'll generate a social media strategy as follows:
  1. Suggested socials: We'll let you know the social networks that might work best for you.
  2. Content Categories: We'll suggest Content Categories to organize your posts in – per content types and ideas. 
  3. Posting plan: We'll offer you a posting plan based on your social account selections and categories.
  4. Generated posts: We'll generate posts for your categories and schedule.

Our output is strongly tied to the input we received from you, so we strongly encourage detailed responses.

How to use the Copilot?


    Sign up for a free SocialBee account or log in here.


    From the left-side menu, go to the Copilot tab, here.


    Choose if you want to create the strategy for a Person or Company.


    We'll ask you a total of 8 questions to better understand your business. Add your responses and use control + enter or click on the arrow in the top-right corner of your box to submit your replies.

    Once you're done with the questions, click on Generate to receive our outputs. Alternately, click on Clean inputs to start over.

Once you click on “Generate”, you'll get the copilot's suggestions split into 4 main sections.

Copilot's suggestions

1. Suggested socials

  • In this section, we're letting you know what social media profiles work best in what scenarios, e.g., LinkedIn profile: it is ideal for professional networking and career growth.
  • Connect the profiles that are aligned with your end goal. Each network has a “Connect” button next to it.

2. Content Categories

  • In this section, we're helping you decide what types of content you want to share, e.g., Behind-the-Scenes Stories, Engaging Posts, etc.
  • You'll get some of our most-used Content Categories that you can keep at given or delete from your schedule.
  • You can add any new Content Categories you want to use.

3. Posting plan

  • In this section, we're generating a posting schedule that includes all your Content Categories. Your categories contain individual posts that will be shared one by one from the category.
  • You can add any new time slots in the schedule that we generate for you, as well as edit the hours and dates of existing time slots.

4. Generated posts

  • In this section, we're generating social media posts for each category.
  • Select the posts you want to use and click on “Use these posts” to automatically add all the content in your desired category.

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