Concierge Onboarding

When you choose a Concierge Service you will receive a complimentary onboarding for that account. You will be assigned a Social Media Bee, who will do the onboarding process for you and who will help you through the entire process. 

To do so, our bee needs some info. So, we’ll send out a short intake form to gather some more information on your business and your vision, so that we can make the honey just how you like it - sweet! 

The onboarding process usually takes up to two days, but it mostly depends on how fast our bees receive the intake form. Once you’ve sent out the required information, your dedicated Bee will start crafting the best strategy for your needs and roll out the content or start growing your account. 

Once the onboarding process is completed, your Bee will notify you via email and let you know on what is going to happen next.

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