How Do I Edit Posts in Bulk (Several at Once)?

SocialBee offers Content Categories where you can organize your posts. The Bulk Edit features works for posts found inside a Category. The Bulk Edit feature enables you to: 

  • Add / remove social profiles to several posts
  • Approved/ Switch to Draft multiple posts
  • Delete posts at once
  • Move posts to another Category

Hit play on the video below to see how to use the Bulk Editor. 

How to Bulk Edit Posts


Go to your Content Categories and click on “Bulk Editor”.


Select the posts you want to edit (with the Bulk Selector, or select each post individually).

The Bulk Selector allows you to select the posts as follows:

  • All: Allows you to select all the posts in the Category.
  • None: Allows you to deselect every selected post.
  • All Displayed: Allows you to select all the 100 loaded posts.
    • *Approved (displayed): Allows you to select all the 100 loaded approved posts.
    • *Draft (displayed): Allows you to select all the 100 loaded and not approved posts.


Click on “Actions” and choose the action you want to proceed with.


You'll receive a confirmation message letting you know the Bulk Action has started. 

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