How can I set up my Posting Schedule - via Calendar View?

One of the options you have to view, add, or edit your schedule settings is the Schedule Calendar.  The other option is Scheduling via Compact View.

This gives you a comprehensive view of all of the posting times which are set up for each of your connected social profiles.

When you first access this menu, you will have to choose between the preset schedule (which will be prompted the first time you access this page) or the ability to customize your own schedule. You can also choose this setting for any social profile you may add later.

To set up your posting schedule via Calendar View, you have to navigate to "Schedule Setup" from the left side menu and select the correct form in which you want to start building your schedule.

This will allow you to access the schedule so that you can create the best posting strategy for your accounts. In here, you can adjust your posting times as you see fit. This means you will be able to create a new schedule from scratch. Here’s how you can do that:

Add a new Posting Time

To add a post, all you have to do is click anywhere on the timetable and start customizing it according to your needs. Add the desired social profiles, the category from which you want to post, and the time at which you'd like to post. You can choose to post from a specific category, or from a Random Category.

Once you've clicked on "Create", your schedule will be updated and, by scrolling through the timetable, you'll be able to see it on your calendar.

Edit an existing Scheduled Post

You can also change an existing scheduled post. To do so, click the post you want to edit the posting time for and simply edit the posting time to your liking. You can add or remove profiles, change the category, the posting time, or all of them at once! Don't forget to press on "Edit" once you're done to save the changes you've made.

Delete a Posting Schedule

There may be a time when you want to delete a posting schedule. There are two options to do this, but both start the same way: by clicking on the category time slot that you want to delete.

From here, you can choose to just remove only one profile (by clicking on it) and that will delete this category for the individual schedule.

Or, if you want to delete it entirely, for all profiles, just click on "Delete" at the bottom left corner, and then once more to confirm the action.

Filtering your schedules

If you want to only view a certain category or the schedule for a certain profile all you have to do is filter your schedule! Look at the top right side, select the desired category and profile from the drop-down menu and you're all set. Your schedule will automatically be updated.

Deleting all the schedules

If you want to change your entire schedule, it might be best to delete the previous one and start from scratch. To do this, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "Delete all schedules". This will create a new pop-up that will require you to confirm your action. Once that's done, you'll notice that all your scheduled categories have been deleted.

Generating a new schedule

If you have an empty schedule, you can generate a new one, according to the best practices at the moment, by simply clicking “Generate Schedule as per best practices”, which you can find at the bottom right corner of the menu. This will create a schedule that is tailored for each social platform, based on best practices from that platform.

However, keep in mind that this can only happen with preset categories made by SocialBee in your Onboarding Wizard.

Schedule statistics

When accessing the schedule, at the bottom of the page, you will be able to take a look at your content mix for that platform, so that you can adjust it accordingly, if necessary. You can find your Schedule Stats at the bottom of the page, containing

You can see:

  • The category from which you post and its status (paused or active)
  • The number of posts from that category per day, and the percentage of the total posts per day.
  • The number of posts from that category per week, and the percentage of the total posts per day.

The stats will show you the percentage each category consists of in your content mix, but also how many times a week you are posting from a certain category. 

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