Post History

If you want to see an overview of what was posted on your profiles over the last few days, you can do so by going to your Post History. This can be accessed from your left-side menu, by clicking on Analytics.

Overviewing Your Published Posts

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to fly over the content that has been posted since you last connected the profile to SocialBee. This will help you gain an overview of what you’ve already sent out so that you make sure you keep your content diverse. You'll be able to see crucial elements of your posts at a first glance: the day it was shared, the category and the profiles of a post, and (of course) the post itself.

Creation and Scheduling Details

In the bottom left corner, you will be able to see a few details about the way your post was created and scheduled in SocialBee. Here they are, one by one:

  • A timestamp, which is the exact hour at which your post was shared, followed by a timezone (eg. Europe/London), which is the timezone set for your profile.
  • A category or 'external' label, to know where your post was coming from (in SocialBee or otherwise).


For each post, on the bottom right side, you will be able to see a few analytics. This can vary from profile to profile, as not all social media platforms offer the same information to our tool.

Re-use This Post

The last button you can click for each post is "Reuse this post" which will allow you to add that respective post back to your active content. You can learn how to use this feature in this article.

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