Pocket Integration

Ever seen an article online that caught your eye but you didn’t have time to read it right away? I bet you wished you could put it in your pocket and read it later. Well, you can do just that, with the virtual Pocket, of course. 

Pocket is a browser extension and phone app that can help you do just that. You can organize each saved article with a specific pocket tag, so you can create collections of different topics, without mixing everything in one jar. You can also use our browser extension to save content into your SocialBee account

Because we wanted to make it easy for you to share content through our platform, we created a Pocket integration. To get set up, all you have to do is create a Pocket account (if you don’t already have one) and connect it to our platform

Once you’ve established a connection, anything you save on Pocket under a tag that’s been connected to SocialBee gets shared on your desired social profiles, according to the posting schedule you set. 

Read more about how to use Pocket here

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