How Do I Add Post Variations?


1. When should I use post variations?

Our re-queue feature can help you reuse the content you already have. 

With post variations, you can create multiple instances of the same post, that you can cycle through. 

  • Say you've just started a blog. You only have 3 posts published so far, but want to make the most out of each one. 
  • In this case, you'd create 3–4 variations for each blog, and then cycle through them. T
  • You can share the same post again, without repeating the caption of your post, or the media you have used.

2. How to add post variations

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.

  1. Add a post in SocialBee using the Post Editor.
  2. Select the social media profiles you want to post on.
  3. Add your caption, media files, #s, and so on. 
  4. Click on the “Add variation” button.
  5. Start editing the variations (add/ remove links, images, videos, etc).
  6. Move the variations up / down or remove them completely.
  7. You can even customize the post for each profile (learn how), within each variation.

3. How to schedule posts with multiple variations

Scheduling works depending on the Content Category type where the posts end up: Evergreen or Share Once

3.1. In an evergreen Content Category

Your post (with its variations) will enter an evergreen cycle and publish one variation when a new cycle begins. 

Let's say you have:  Post #1 → with Variation #1 + Variation #2 AND Post #2 → with Variation #1 + Variation #2.

  • In the first evergreen cycle, we'll share Post #1's first variation and Post #2's first variation.
  • In the second cycle, we'll share Post #1's second variation and Post #2's second variation.
  • This will continue until all the posts and variations have been shared → when we'll start sharing the content again, starting with the first variations.

3.2. In a share-once Content Category

  • When your post is in a Share Once Category, only the first variation will be shared. 
  • To make sure that the post's variations are shared, set the post to expire after being published X number of times - it should be equal to your total number of variations.

4. Customize a Post VS Post Variations

  • Post customization is best when you want a post to be tailored to specific social media platforms (learn more).
  • Post variations are best when you have one topic you want to present in different ways.

In the example below, you have 3 Post Variations, each variation having content customized for 4 social media profiles. We'll share Variation #1 first, then other posts you have in your Category, then Variation #2 and #3.

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