How Do I Post at a Specific Time?

In SocialBee you can choose to post your content as follows:

  1. Post now (when saving the post)
  2. At a specific time
  3. Re-queue after posting
  4. Expire post (after it was posted X times OR at a specific date)
  5. According to your posting calendar

Post at a specific time

Whenever you want to, you have the option to schedule a post at a specific time – besides it being added to a Content Category. This feature is useful when you have something to announce, e.g., a launch or a special offer. 

Note: In order to avoid double posting, we recommend you use the “Post at a specific time” for content that's not necessarily in a Content Category that's scheduled in your Posting Schedule. After being posted from its Category, it will either re-enter the sharing cycle (if it’s in an Evergreen category) or disappear (if it’s in a Share Once category). Learn more about Evergreen VS Share-Once
 For example, if you add a posting time at 8AM and your post is found in a Category added in your Posting Schedule for 10AM, your post will be shared twice: once at 8AM (due to “post at a specific time”), twice at 10AM (due to your posting schedule).

How to share a post at a specific time


Go to SocialBee here.


Click on “ Add Post” from the top bar to open our Post Editor


Create your post as you'd normally do: add a caption, media files, #s, etc.


In the “ When to post” section of your screen, click on “Add a posting time”.

Add as many posting times you wish for your post.

Save your post as “ Approved” for it to be shared accordingly.

  • You can choose as many specific schedule times as you need by clicking “Add a posting time” multiple times.
  • You can set a post to be shared at a specific time when you add a new post or when you edit an existing one.

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