View Your Next Posts (100 Upcoming Posts)

The “Next Posts” tab (List View, Calendar View, Grid Preview, Failed Posts)
List view
Calendar view
List view
Calendar view

The “Next Posts” tab

In the Next Posts tab in SocialBee you'll see:

  1. List View: Here you'll see your next 100 posts in a list form.
  2. Calendar View: Here you'll see your next 100 posts in a calendar view.
  3. Grid Preview: Use this tab if you want to see your Instagram grid.
  4. Failed Posts: If a post has failed to be shared, you'll see it here.

On the right side of this screen, you will be able to choose which profile you are previewing your posts for.

Content details from the Next Posts tab

You will be able to see and edit your posts on this page, as well as see a couple of first-glance details:

  1. The time when it's scheduled to be posted.
  2. The profile(s) the post was assigned to. 
  3. The Content Category of your post.
  4. The caption and image or link preview.
  5. The creator of the post.
If any of the selected profiles are faded, that means the post was already shared on that specific account.

List view

Calendar view

Edit your post from the Next Posts tab

  1. You can make some last-minute changes to your post with the Edit button.
  2. Choose to publish it instantly with the Share Now button
  3. Delete the post from the top-right corner of the post.

List view

Calendar view

Instagram Grid

Since Instagram is such a visual platform, you can preview your upcoming posts in a grid view, 3 posts per row.

Failed posts

You will be able to find all the posts that should have been published but (for any reason) failed. 

You can see our Posting Errors dictionary for more details as to why your posting failed, or reach out to us at

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