Content Categories: What's a Random Category?

If you want to diversify what gets shared next, post from a Random Category. 

We'll share posts at random, out of all the Categories you have that have the “Random Category” option enabled. 

This type of posting also gives unpredictability to your posting, so your followers don’t get bored.

How to set up a Category to be Random

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Go to your Content Categories here.


For the Category you wish to edit, click on "Edit Category".


A pop-up will appear with 3 main tabs, go to "Default Settings".


Enable "Can also be used as a Random Category by clicking on the red toggle.

Save your setting by clicking on "Save Category .
The “Random Category” feature only randomizes the Categories themselves, NOT the content sequence.
This means that inside a Category the order of the posts will remain the same you set up, or what was generated at upload – learn more about "last in, first out" here.

A Random Category in your Posting Schedule

In order to share content from your Categories, those Categories need to be in your Posting Schedule. 

Learn how to include a Random Category in your calendar using the compact or calendar view.

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