How Do I Disconnect a Social Media Account?


If you no longer use an account within SocialBee, you can disconnect it from your SocialBee Dashboard. 

Before you disconnect a profile from SocialBee: Make sure that's something you really want to do! Disconnecting a profile removes all the data related to it from our platform, e.g., the posts, the analytics, etc. 
Doing so will NOT delete the content previously shared on the social network itself.

How to disconnect a social media account from SocialBee

From your Dashboard here, go to "Social Accounts" and click the “trashcan” (🗑️)  icon found next to the profile you want to remove from SocialBee.
Once you click on it, a pop-up will appear. To be able to remove a social account, type in the word "DISCONNECT".
💡 Alternative: Pause your content in SocialBee

If you simply want to stop posting your content momentarily, you can set your content to “Not Running”.

In your Dashboard here, click on the profile's toggle for “Not Running”/ “Running” to pause posting on an account.

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