What Social Accounts Can I Connect to SocialBee?

The first step in getting started with SocialBee posting is connecting your social media accounts. 

What social media networks are supported in SocialBee?

You can connect (and manage) the following social media profiles from SocialBee:


    Facebook (Profiles, Pages, and Groups)


    Instagram (Business and Personal Profiles)


    LinkedIn (Personal Profiles and Company Pages)


    X (Twitter) (Profiles)

    Pinterest (Profiles)
    Google Business Profile (Locations)

    TikTok (Personal and Business Profiles)


    YouTube (Channels)


    Bluesky (Profiles)

Social Profile Posting Type Limitations
Twitter Profile Directly — 
Facebook Personal Profile via Reminders — 
Facebook Page Directly Must be an Admin or Editor
Facebook Group Directly Must be an Admin with a Personal Profile
LinkedIn Personal Profile Directly — 
LinkedIn Company Page Directly Must be a Super Admin
Instagram Business Profile Directly Must be linked to a Facebook Page
Instagram Creator Profile Directly Check out Media Conditions for Direct Posting  
Instagram Personal Profile via Reminders — 
Google My Business Location Directly Must be an Admin
Pinterest Profile Directly — 
TikTok Personal Profile Directly

Carousels will

be sent via Reminders

TikTok Business Profile Directly

Carousels will

be sent via Reminders

Youtube Channel Directly —  
Bluesky Profile Directly —  

How to connect a social media profile to SocialBee

  1. After creating your account, the Onboarding Wizard prompts you to connect your first account.
  2. If you want to connect more profiles, simply go to SocialBee's dashboard to do so.
  3. Click on the buttons of what account you wish to connect. 

How to disconnect a social media profile from SocialBee

Find out how to disconnect a profile from SocialBee by accessing this article.

How to change the timezone of a profile in SocialBee

If you're posting for a global audience, this is a key step in ensuring you're sharing at the right time.

To change the timezone of a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to SocialBee's dashboard
  2. Navigate to "Social Accounts". 
  3. Click on each profile's “Timezone” box and select the preferred timezone.

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