How Do Link Previews Work in SocialBee?

Link previews are important for some platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, because each social media platform uses different information to generate the previews for the links you publish, these may differ a bit from the preview we show.

How Do I Know What My Links Will Look Like?

The easiest way to double-check this is by using each platform's debugging tool.

👉 Facebook Sharing Debugger
👉 LinkedIn Post Inspector

What Does "Image Not Verified" Mean?

However, at times, you will see an "Image not verified" label attached to the image of your link preview, like in the screenshot below:

SocialBee is trying to fetch link previews for your posts. When the "Image not verified" label appears, it means that this may or may not be the featured image of your post. The featured image is determined by the OG:image meta tag. If the tag is not set, the link preview will get an image that's found on the web page from your link (if an image exists). 

How Do I Fix the "Image Not Verified" Message?

One way to check how your link will preview is by using the tools we have linked previously. Since these are developed by the social media platform itself, this will be an entirely accurate preview. 

→ If the preview you're getting in SocialBee matches the one you're getting with the tool, then you're all set.

→ If the preview you get in the debugging tool does not match the one from your post in SocialBee, or you want to truly control the image used by Facebook when anybody is sharing your content, you should take a look at the OG:image tag on that article, directly on your website.

With WordPress, you can use a plugin such as Yoast or Squirrly to change the meta tags. Make sure the image you want in the preview is added to your article with the OG:image meta tag. It might take some time to fetch new information, but eventually, the correct image will show up. 

You can add a custom cover to your link previews for LinkedIn posts. Learn more about Custom Thumbnails →

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