Browser Extension

Sometimes as you browse the web you find an amazing article and want to add it to one of your SocialBee content categories right away.

Sure, our Pocket integration is a powerful tool, though a bit tricky to set up. This is why we've decided...

... to build our own browser extension! It works pretty much like having your post editor everywhere we go. Isn't that great news? The basics of setting it up are the same, too!

But don't worry, that's the bare minimum. You've got full customization right from the web page you've just saved..

Get your browser extension from here:

  • Chrome Extension - Install it here.
  • Firefox Extension - Install it here.
  • Safari Extension - Unavailable (For now)
  • Internet Edge Extension - IE? Really?

When first installed, make sure you refresh the page you're on before trying it!

So now, when you've just published a blog post, found an amazing article, or Friends video you want to add to SocialBee, just click on the extension and add it directly on that page!

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