Post Variations

Our re-queue feature can help you reuse the content you already have. However, this can be repetitive and something you can easily avoid by creating Post Variations in your content categories. This is a feature that will help with creating multiple instances of the same post, that you can cycle through. 

To understand it better here's an example: Say you've just started a blog. You only have 3 posts published so far but want to make the most out of each one. In this case, you'd create 3-4 variations for each blog, and then cycle through them. This way, you can share the same post again, without repeating the caption of your post, or the media you have used.

This feature can also help when you've accumulated a lot of content, as it can take the routine out of your posting since the posts will have different captions. So how do you use this feature? Read below to find out. 

Adding a Variation to Your Post

You can add post variations when creating or editing a post. In your post editor, you'll see by default "Variation 1".  You're able to add more, by clicking the "Add Variation" button, and create the variation for all your posts. Once you click "Add Variation", you'll be able to type in a new caption to the same post, change the image, or the link you are sharing. You can do this as much as you need to. 

Now, your post previews also have a toggle to go through each variation's preview. You'll be able to also change the order of the variations or remove a variation completely. You can even customize the post for each profile, within each variation.

You can also move your variations up, down, or remove them completely from the post by using each of the buttons underneath it.

Scheduling Your Post Variations

Once you've set up your post variations, you're probably wondering how will they get scheduled. Scheduling works depending on whether your categories are Evergreen or Share Once

🐝 In an Evergreen category 

Your post will enter the evergreen cycle and publish one variation every time a new cycle begins. What does this mean? Let's take the example from above and say you have 5 blog posts, each with 4 variations.

In the first evergreen cycle, each post's first variation will be shared; in the second cycle, the second variation will be shared. This will continue until all the posts and variations have been shared when, at that point, the first variation will be shared again.

🐝 In a Share Once category 

When your post is in a Share Once category, only the first variation will be shared. In order to make sure that the post's variations are shared, you can set it to expire after being published a specific number of times (equal to your variations).

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