How Do I Cancel My SocialBee Subscription?


Canceling your SocialBee subscription 

If you'd like to cancel your SocialBee plan (whether tool or Concierge Service/s), you can fill in our cancelation form, as follows:


Go to Billing here and scroll to the bottom, where you'll see Cancel products.


Click on Cancel products to open up a pop-up that will let you choose the service you wish to cancel.


We'd really appreciate if you can share your feedback with us—even a few words will be enough.


Once that's done, carefully read the final section and tick the boxes to be able to finish the process.

Deleting your SocialBee account

Deleting your account means losing all the data you have previously stored in SocialBee (posts, schedule, etc.).

If you would like to proceed, email us at, and we'll make sure to delete your account. 

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