Posting to Pinterest

Connecting Your Pinterest Profile

In order to get started with posting to Pinterest, you will first have to connect your profile to SocialBee. In order to do this, open your SocialBee Dashboard, scroll to the bottom and click on the designated button.

Once you've done that, you will be prompted to authorize SocialBee the needed permissions. To do that, click on "Give access" and wait to be redirected back to our app.

If you've successfully followed through these steps, you're all done! You should see the newly connected profile in your SocialBee dashboard.

Creating a Post for Pinterest

The process of creating a post for Pinterest is a bit different than creating a post for other social profiles because this platform also requires you to pin your posts to boards, as well as add a source to them. Because of this, before being able to add your post you will see a warning, letting you know that you need to add the board and source first. 

When adding a post to Pinterest, make sure you select it as a profile when creating your post, as well as add the text and image to your post.

The next thing you need to do is click “Customize for each profile” (even though you might only have this one profile selected).

Once you’ve set up a customized view, you’ll be able to click on Pinterest and add your board, source, and even your Pin. You'll see what your post should look like once done, on the right side of your post editor, in a live preview.

From here on, you need to finish the setup as you would to any new post that you create in SocialBee.

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