Post Editor: How Do I Add a Post in SocialBee?


How to add a post in SocialBee

  1. When you have one post to add
  2. When you have multiple posts to add

The Post Editor

  1. Select your social media profiles
  2. Add your captions or links (use our AI or write it yourself)
  3. Add an image/ video/ GIF (use Canva, Unsplash, GIPHY)
  4. Formatting
  5. Add variations and/ or customize for each profile
  6. Assign your post to a Content Category
  7. When to post
  8. Save post

Character limitations per social platform

How to add a post in SocialBee


When you have ONLY one post to add: Use the "Add post" buttons as follows:

  • From any screen in SocialBee: Use the buttons found in the top/ left sidebars in the platform.
  • From a specific Content Category: Go to one of your Content Categories and use the "Add post to this category" button.


When you have SEVERAL posts to add: Use bulk import for: Media, Links, CSV, RSS, Pocket, Quuu, Zapier

The Post Editor

Once you have clicked the “Add Post” button, our Post Editor will open. You're now able to edit your post.

Here's what you can do in our Post Editor:


Select your social media profiles: Learn how to connect profiles in SocialBee here. The content will be shared across the platforms you select. Customize the content for each network – see how at step #5 below. 


Add your caption or link: Write the caption yourself, or use our AI Post Generator to create captions.


Add an image/ video/ GIF: Upload content from your device, design with Canva in SocialBee, Unsplash, GIPHY. Add alt text or crop images with SocialBee.


Formatting: Add hashtags #s, use bold, italic, strikethough, emojis, and character count. 


Assign your post to a Content Category or leave the post Uncategorized


When to post: Post now (when saving the post), at a specific time, re-queue after posting, or expire post (after it was posted X times or at a specific date). 


Save post: Save your post as “Approved” or as Draft. See here the difference.

Character limitations per platform

Social Media Platform Character limit
Facebook 5000 chars
Instagram 2200 chars
Threads 500 chars
LinkedIn 3000 chars
X (Twitter)
280 chars
500 chars
Google Business Profile
1500 chars
2200 chars
5000 chars
300 chars
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