How Do I Add Posts Back from My Post History?

If you want to share a post you no longer have in your Content Category, here's how to get it back. 

The Post History tab

In your SocialBee's Analytics section, you have 5 main tabs for your profiles, one of them being Post History

You can add a post back to your Content Category from your Post History. 

How to reuse a post from Post History

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Go to your Analytics in SocialBee, then to “ Post History”.


Get the posting history by selecting a social media profile and a time frame.


Scroll down to the post you want to reuse and click on “ Reuse this post”.


The post will be moved to the Post Editor you're already used to for further edits.

Reuse only this post:

  • It will get your post back for only one of the social media profiles you shared it on. 
  • When looking at posts in Post History, you view the history per individual profile.

Reuse the whole post:

It will get your post back for any social media profiles you shared it on, as well as any variations you created initially.

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