The Analytics Dashboard


In order to get access to data in SocialBee, go to the Analytics tab from the left-side menu.

SocialBee Analytics

Set filters

In order to narrow down the data you get in your Analytics, you can set the following 2 filters:

  1. Time frame: get data for only a particular time frame.
  2. Social Profile: pick the account you wish to get data for.

SocialBee Analytics Filters

Main Analytics tabs

For each of your social media accounts, you have 5 main tabs you can check:
  1. Page Analytics: see how your page or account grew.
  2. Post Analytics: learn more about your posts' growth.
  3. Insights: get a deeper understanding of the numbers you got.
  4. Post History: see the actual posts that got shared.
  5. Export: export the numbers in a PDF report. 
SocialBee Analytics Tabs

Understand your Analytics

For each metric you're getting in SocialBee, there is an  i icon ⓘ in the top-right side of each box. 

If you hover over the icon, you'll be able to learn more about the data you're getting.

Understand Your SocialBee Analytics

Analytics for each social platform

For each social media profile you have, you'll be able to go through the 5 main tabs mentioned above.
Check out our dedicated Help Articles for each platform:

Data history and export

Depending on your current plan, you get access to your data for up to certain months/ years, as well as PDF export.

Plan Data History Export Analytics
Bootstrap up to 3 months No
Accelerate up to 2 years No
Pro (and higher) up to 2 years Yes

Learn more about our plans and pricing here:

FAQ: Can I view data for more than one profile at a time?

No, you're able to see data per individual social network. Each one has different metrics to look at, so we treat them separately.

FAQ: Do I get data on my posting before doing it via SocialBee?

Yes, you'll get historical data on your profiles up to a certain amount of time—depending on the plan you're currently using. 

FAQ: Can I see organic VS paid growth for my accounts from SocialBee?

You can only view organic VS paid for Facebook. For the other social profiles supported in SocialBee, you cannot compare organic VS paid from our platform. Read more about Facebook Analytics here.

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