How Do I Export My Analytics?

How to export your SocialBee analytics in a PDF

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Go to the SocialBee Analytics tab from the platform left sidebar.


Go to the Export tab (learn more about the 5 tabs you see in Analytics).


Add your company logo and report description to the report.


Select the metrics you'd like to include in the report.


Click on the bottom-right button to Export to PDF.

FAQ: Can I view data for more than one profile at a time?

No, you're able to see data per individual social network. Each one has different metrics to look at, so we treat them separately. 

⚠️ At the moment, analytics can only be exported for one profile at a time.

FAQ: Do I get data on my posting before doing it via SocialBee?

Yes, you'll get historical data on your profiles up to a certain amount of time—depending on the plan you're currently using. 

FAQ: Can I see organic VS paid growth for my accounts from SocialBee?

You can only view organic VS paid for Facebook. For the other social profiles supported in SocialBee, you cannot compare organic VS paid from our platform. Read more about Facebook Analytics here.

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