How Do I Use SocialBee Connect?

SocialBee Connect is an integration that allows the users of another platform – such as Xara – to use our posting abilities to share their content directly from the tool. 

If you’re looking to integrate SocialBee Connect or would like to learn more about the technical documentation, please email us at

Using SocialBee Connect in Xara

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions. 


Once you have finished your design in Xara, click on "Share" (the button at the top right corner), and then "Share on social media".


Choose what social profiles to share on and click on "Continue".


A new popup will open for SocialBee where you can either connect your SocialBee account – if you have one – or connect your social media profiles in the modal.


After connecting your accounts and selecting your profiles, you'll have full access to our Post Editor, where you can add a caption to your post.

To publish your content, click on "Share post" once you've finished editing your post.

How Do I Troubleshoot SocialBee Connect?

If anything goes wrong, such as connecting your account or profiles, you should check your third-party cookies settings. Below, you will see this covered for all the main browsers.

1. Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, go to your Settings > Privacy and Security > Third-party Cookies. Here, please ensure that you Allow third-party cookies.

2. Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, go to your Settings Privacy & Security > Enhanced Tracking Protection. Here, you will have to select Custom, and for cookies select All third-party cookies.

3. Safari

In Safari, go to Preferences > Privacy. Here, make sure you did not check the box that says "Block all cookies".

If you still have issues, feel free to message us at

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