How Do I Submit a Support Ticket?

If you ever have any issues with our platform, the easiest way to get help is through our Feedback page or over email at

What information should I send?

Here are some of the details that will help us solve your problem quickly:

  • The email address of your SocialBee account
  • The Workspace in which this is happening (only if applicable)
  • The type of problem you're having (e.g., adding a post, publishing, connecting a profile, finding something, etc.)
  • The type of profile affected and the name (e.g., Facebook Page)
  • The Content Category in which this is happening (only if applicable)
  • Full-page screenshots of the steps you took when this happened
  • A screen recording of the issue

How can I record my screen?

We recommend using a platform such as Loom to record your screen and send it to us. 

You can share a link in the feedback box in our platform, or download the video and attach it to your message.

How can I take a full-page screenshot?

You can either use your computer's keyboard combination ( PrtScr for Windows, Cmd + Shift + 3 for Mac). 
Alternatively, you can use a browser extension such as Go Full Page.

How do I attach files to a support ticket?

On our  Questions and Feedback page you will be able to add:

  • Subject line of your email
  • The body: describe your problem
  • Attach JPG, PNG, MP4, or CSV files

Keep in mind that these cannot exceed 20MB in total size.

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