How Do I Submit a Support Ticket?

If you ever have any issues with our platform, the easiest way to get help is through our Feedback page. This way, you will reach our Support team directly with all the information that we need in order to successfully troubleshoot the issue you're having right now.

What Information Should I Send?

According to your type of problem, we might require different kinds of information but, as a rule of thumb here is some of the information we might need to help:

  • The type of problem you're having (Adding a post, publishing something, connecting a profile, finding something, etc.);
  • The type of profile affected and the name (e.g. Facebook Page);
  • The category in which this is happening (only if applicable);
  • The workspace in which this is happening (only if applicable);
  • Full-page screenshots of the steps you took when this happened;
  • A screen recording of the issue;
  • As many details as you can remember because anything might be helpful.

How Can I Record My Screen?

We recommend using a platform such as Loom to record your screen and send it to us. You can choose to share a link in the feedback box, or download the video and attach it to your message.

How Can I Take a Full-Page Screenshot?

For this, you can either use your computer's keyboard combination ( PrtScr for Windows, Cmd + Shift + 3 for Mac) or use a browser extension such as Go Full Page and fix it with a single click.

How Do I Attach Files to a Support Ticket?

On your Questions and Feedback page you will be able to add the title of your email, the body, and, finally, attach and JPG, PNG, MP4, or CSV files needed. Keep in mind that these cannot exceed 20MB in total size.

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