How Do I Post a First Comment to Facebook?

You can choose to share the first comment to your scheduled post for Facebook Pages using our First Comment feature. You can also add hashtags, extra information, and more details that didn't fit in your post's caption.

All you have to do is edit the post (or create a new one), select the profile(s) you want to share it to, and add your caption and image.

Once you've done that click on "Customize for each profile" and open the Instagram one. Right under your text editor, you'll see the option "Add first comment to this post". When toggled to the left (or when it's red), there will be no comment to be shared. When toggled to the right (or when it's green), you'll be able to add your comment and save the post.

If you have any Hashtag Collections saved in SocialBee, you will be able to add them to your comments by clicking on the # symbol and then selecting the one you'd like to paste there.

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