The Engage Module: Manage Your Comments, DMs, and Mentions

At the moment (more to come soon), you can use SocialBee's Engage Module for:

  • Types of interactions: Comments, mentions, and DMs.
  • Social Media Platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Business Profile.
You cannot use the Engage Module without these 2 components:
  1. Boards: these are “buckets” to organize different brands, platforms, comments, mentions, and so on. 
  2. Streams: this is where you actually see the comments and mentions, and where you'll reply to them.

How do I create an Engage Board?

In order to use the Engage Module, you first need to create an Engage Board. Here's how:

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Go to your Engage menu.


Click on  "+ Add new board” and type in your Board's name.


Click on  "Save” to create the Board.

Once you do this, you'll have to create Streams and start engaging with your community directly from SocialBee.

How do I create an Engage Stream?

After you create your Engage Board, you need to create Engage Streams. Here's how:

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Go to your Engage menu, and make sure you already have an Engage Board created (here's how to do it).


Click on  "+ Add new stream”.


Select the social media profile you want to generate a Stream for.


Select what kind of interactions you wish to bring to your SocialBee account.


Click on "Save” to create the Board.

Once you do that, you will notice your stream appearing right away.

Most boards will be empty at first, and it might take up to 60 minutes (from when they are added) to preview your comments, mentions, and so on.

What social media profiles support Engage Streams in SocialBee?

Social Profile Mentions Messages (DMs) Comments
Facebook Personal Profile — * — * — *
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Instagram Personal Profile — * — * — *
Instagram Creator Profile
Instagram Business Profile
Twitter Profile Coming Soon!
LinkedIn Personal Profile — * — * — *
LinkedIn Company Profile Coming Soon!
Pinterest Profile
Google Business Profile
(former Google My Business)
— * — * ✓ 
(as Questions)
YouTube Channel — * — *
TikTok Personal Profile — * — * — *
TikTok Business Profile

* As much as we would love to support Engage Streams for these types of accounts, the social platforms don’t have or don’t provide us with that option via an API.

Receive email notifications

Enabling email notifications in SocialBee keeps you informed about new comments, mentions, or DMs.

We send you notifications about:

Manage YouTube Comments

In SocialBee, you can publish, reject, and reply to the comments left on your YouTube videos.

💡 Definitions

  • Publish: This action makes the comment visible in the comment section of your video.
  • Reject: Selecting this option ensures the comment will not appear in your video's comment section.


Navigate to YouTube Studio.


Access the Content Dashboard, and click on Details on each video you want to see comments for.


Scroll down to "Comments and Ratings," and select "Comment moderation" to view all options.


Choose "Hold all" to hold all comments for review.


Save your changes.

Now, when you access your YouTube comments through SocialBee, you'll be able to individually publish or reject each comment. 

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