Integrations: How Do I Use the Make Integration?


SocialBee users can streamline their workflow and save time by automating tasks using Make, an automation platform that requires no coding knowledge.

Definitions 💡

A Trigger is an event that initiates the automation workflow.

An Action is a specific task that gets executed as a result of a trigger.

To begin automating tasks with SocialBee and Make, you'll first need to create a Make account.

Create a Workflow Triggered by SocialBee

Make allows you to set up a trigger that activates each time a post is scheduled and shared on SocialBee.

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Log into your Make account and click on Create a New Scenario.


Click the big plus sign to search for SocialBee.


From the list of apps, select SocialBee and choose the trigger Watch Post.


Click on Create a webhook. Provide a name for the webhook* and connect your SocialBee account.


Choose your workspace and social profiles, then click Save.


Click OK to add SocialBee as your Trigger.

* The webhook will automatically install in SocialBee. To make sure everything is configured correctly, go to your SocialBee Dashboard > Social Accounts and click on the edit button next to the social profile you have selected in Make.

To complete the automation workflow, you will have to add another modal in this scenario that will perform an Action. For more information on how to do that, check out this article →

Set up an Action Performed by SocialBee

In Make, SocialBee can perform two actions:

  1. Create a Post
  2. Make an API call

To add SocialBee to your workflow as an action, create a new scenario and pick an app as a trigger (📝 List of integrations available in Make).

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.


Click on Add another module


From the list of apps, select SocialBee and the action you want it to perform. 


If your SocialBee account is not already connected to Make, you will be prompted to do so.


Provide necessary details like workspace, social profiles, content category, text, media URL, posting times, expiration time, and approval status (draft or approved).


Click OK to save your action settings.

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