Shorten and Track Your Social Media URLs (Links)


Why should I shorten links?

When asking your social media audience to take action after seeing your content, it's best to include a visually-optimized link they can access. 

In most cases, when you shorten your links, you can also add UTM parameters that let you know how many people clicked on your links, and more insightful data.

How can I optimize my links in SocialBee?

🚨 Important: Setting up a URL Shortener will only affect links that you add from that moment on.

You can add UTM parameters and shorten links as follows:


On a Content Category level, so to all the posts in that Category. 


To the Whole Workspace, so for all the Content Categories.

You can add UTM parameters and shorten links with:

SocialBee's own shortener & UTM parameters.


SocialBee's integrations with: Rebrandly, Bitly, PixelMe, Replug, JotURL, RocketLink, Switchy, BL.INK.

A. Edit links for a specific Content Category from Edit Category

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.

  1. Click on β€œEdit Category” from your Content Categories here
  2. Click on β€œURL Settings” and start customizing your links settings.
  3. β€œUse the default short link for this Workspace” shorten your links with SocialBee's format or your URL shortener you connected to SocialBee.
  4. β€œTag by Social Network” will create multiple short links for each social media platform.
  5. β€œTag with” adding text here e.g., β€œFacebook” will add it as a parameter to the links. This works best for platform-specific Categories.
  6. UTM parameters: add your medium, campaign, content, ref, or term to your links. 
  7. Click on β€œSave Category” to save the settings for this Content Category (and the posts found in it).

B. Edit links for your whole Workspace from Workspace settings

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.

  1. Go to your Workspace's Settings here.
  2. Connect one of your URL shortener provider by clicking on the β€œConnect” button next to it. 
  3. Select your Workspace's Default short link: it can be your provider or SocialBee's shortener. 
  4. Click on β€œUpdate Shortlink Settings”.

SocialBee's URL Shortener integrations

Check out the in-depth article on SocialBee's integrations here.

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