How Do I Import Links (URLs) in Bulk (Several at Once)?

If you want to import multiple links at once, go to the Import Links tab here (under the “Content” tab).

1. How to import links in SocialBee

  1. Select the social media profiles you want to add the content to. 
  2. Paste all the links you want to import in the links box.
  3. Select the Content Category where the posts will end up in (at the top/ bottom of the Category).
  4. *Optional: Add Append Text (each post will have a link preview + caption with the link's title and append text). 
  5. Hit “Import” and choose if you want the content to be “Approved” or Draft (see the difference here).

2. Advanced settings to import links

Customize the way you import links into SocialBee thanks to our Advanced Settings. 

  1. Text of the post (available to users on Accelerate or higher plans): Here you can choose between three options:
    • Link Title – this will import the title of the article as a caption.
    • Link Description – this will import the description of the article as a caption.
    • No text, only Link Preview – this will only generate the link preview for the article.
  2. Expire after it was published__times expires the posts after they've been published a number of times. Your posts will remain in the Category until that limit is reached.
  3. Expire after__months/ days expires the posts after a number of days/ months. Your posts will be archived from your Category once that time passes, even if they were never shared.
  4. Trim text for Twitter will edit your caption to shorten the text, so it is suitable for Twitter sharing. We’ll trim from the title of the post, so we keep the Appended Text and URL intact.
  5. Add as image finds the main image from the link and adds it to your posts, without the link preview. 
    1. The main image will be the one set as an OG:Image in your HTML, or the main large image we can find. 
    2. This feature will not work for your Facebook Profile, and it's the default setting for Pinterest and Instagram posts – that don't support links.
  6. Don't shorten the links: if you don't want your Category's Link Settings to be applied to the imported links, just tick this box and links will be added normally.
  7. Remove UTM Parameters will remove all the parameters attached to the links you pasted for the import. This will not override your Category's settings.

3. Preview your links

  • Once you've got all these settings down, you can see the way your content looks like on your profiles.
  • When you add the links in your Import Links tab, you'll automatically get a preview for each one of your profiles. 
  • To switch between different profile previews, go to the top-right corner of your screen, click on the drop-down menu, and select the profile you want to preview your posts for.

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