Evergreen vs Share Once: What's the Difference?

We recommend you use both Evergreen and Share Once posts in your content mix. 
Let's take a look at the differences between the two, and how to use them in your SocialBee account.

1. Evergreen Content (Re-Queue/ Re-Publish)

  • Evergreen content is content that can be continuously shared.
  • It will remain relevant and useful over time, and can be posted repeatedly.
  • Examples: Blog posts, how-to guides, checklists, glossaries, reviews, FAQs, interviews.

You can re-queue content indefinitely in two different ways:

A) Re-publish a specific post (best if it's a one-time occurrence that you want to re-cycle that post indefinitely)
B) Re-publish multiple posts found in a Content Category (best if you want to recycle several posts indefinitely)
Learn how to expire content (after it gets published X times, or at a specific date) in your SocialBee account. 

A) Re-publish only a specific post

You can choose to publish a post (found in a Content Category) a specific number of times (up to you how many).


Open the Post Editor by clicking on the “Add Post” button in your SocialBee Dashboard here (top-center).


Assign your post to a Content Category and set your post to “Re-queue after posting”.

B) Re-publish multiple posts found in a Content Category

While option A) above works on a post-level, option B) – works on a Content Category level (with several posts).

If you have 10 articles inside this kind of evergreen Content Category: We will share each article one by one until we get to the last article, and then we just jump back up to the first one again. 

Here's how to change your Content Category Default Settings: 


Go to your Content Categories and click on “Edit Category”. 


Go to “Default Settings” in the menu that appears. Here's you'll be able to decide:

  • Where you want to add new posts in relation to your queue (top or bottom), 
  • If you want your Content Category to be used as a random category (learn more here), 
  • If you want your posts to be re-queued (making them evergreen) or not (they will be shared once).

2. Share-Once Content

  • Share-Once content is designed to only be shared one time.
  • It can be useful for things like announcements or limited-time offers.
  • Examples: Time-limited discounts, news, seasonal promotion, contests, giveaways, product launches.

When a post is NOT set to re-queue, it means that it will be shared only once. 

Check above option A and B on how to re-queue (re-publish) content, and make sure you have the opposite settings in place in order to share your content only once.

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