Content Approval for Your Posts


When should you use the Content Approval feature?

  • You're working with a team/ assistant to create content in SocialBee.
  • You're approving content we make for you with the Social Media Specialist service.
  • You're importing content through various sources (RSS Feeds, Quuu, Bulk imports, Zapier, or Pocket).
  • You want to edit and use previously added content, that's currently not approved (“Drafts”).

Approved posts VS Drafts

  • 🟩 Approved posts: The posts will be shared according to your set posting time.
  • 🟥 Not approved posts (Drafts): The posts will not be shared until you set them to “Approved”.

You can approve content from two places in SocialBee

  1. From your Content Categories
  2. From the Content Approval tab

From your Content Categories: Go to the Content Category where your posts are and set them post to  “Approved” from the top-right corner of the post (click on the “Draft” toggle).


From the Content Approval tab: Go to our “Content Approval” tab to see all the posts that are “Drafts” and set them to “Approved” (by clicking on the “Draft” toggle).

You can filter the posts you see in the Content Approval tab by:

Approved/ Draft posts when content

You can set your post to “Approved”/ “Draft” when you're creating it. Before click on “Save post” make sure you click on the “Approved” toggle to turn it into a “Draft” or leave it as it is if you want the post to remain “Approved”.

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