Content Categories: How to Set Up a Category Sequence in Your Schedule

You can always set up your Schedule based on a Category Sequence. A Category Sequence contains as many Content Categories you wish – listed in your desired order, that will later on help you with your Posting Schedule.

How to enable this feature from your settings

Click on the interactive screen below to see the steps, or scroll down to the written instructions.

This is an advanced option we offer, which you can access through your Settings

Go to Workspace Settings and activate “Next in category sequence”, by clicking its toggle (green = activated).

How to create the Category Sequence

  1. Go to your Schedule Setup Menu in your Schedule Overview or Individual Schedule Setup.
  2. Add a new posting time for any day of the week.
  3. Under “Content Categories” select “Next in category sequence”,
  4. Select your desired social media profiles.
  5. Select your desired posting time (your selected Content Categories from the Sequence will be posted in that time slot, in the order that you’ve created).
Click on the interactive screen below to see how to add the Category Sequence in your Schedule:

For example:

  • If you've scheduled your content to be shared on Fridays at 3:30 PM, this feature will post from each Category, each Friday (1st Friday – Curated, 2nd Friday Promotional, and so on). 
  • If you have included multiple posting times in the “Next in category sequence”, your selected Categories will be posted, as per sequence, in the dedicated time slots, rotating them one after the other. If there’s no available post in one Category, we’ll try to find one in the next Category from your Category sequence.

Once every Category in your sequence has been posted, the cycle will begin again with the first Category. 

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