How Do I Add Internal Notes (Comments) to My Posts?

Leaving comments/ notes on your posts is great when you want to give feedback to your team. 

Post comments are available on any Pro plan and to customers with any Concierge Service.

How to add a comment to a post in SocialBee


Go to the Content Category where you have the post you want to leave a comment on. 


In the bottom section of each post, you'll see the “Notes” feature you'll have to click on. 


Add your feedback in the yellow box under your post and click on “Add Note” once you're done. You can use text, media, emojis and @mention a Workspace member that needs to see your comment. 


Get Notified when someone changes the post or new comments are left. If you want to edit previously added comments, go back to your comment and hit “Edit” as shown below. 

  • Your comment (and post's Edit History), will automatically appear in chronological order (Newest to Oldest).
  • If you want to change the order of the comments, click on “Newest” or “Oldest” as shown below. 

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