Pausing your Content Category

You know when something happens and you need to pause your regular routine to fit that into your schedule? We've now made it easier for you to do so, by pausing scheduled categories.

You can now pause a scheduled category until you're ready to share from it again, without removing it from your schedule.

All you have to do is go to your Content Categories and use the toggle button to set it as Paused or Active.

So, from now on, red categories are paused and nothing won't be published, while green categories are active and your posts will be shared!

How does pausing a category affect your schedule?

When you pause a category, it doesn't disappear from your schedule. Instead, the posting times where the category is paused will be skipped, until the category gets reactivated. 

In your View Your Next Posts tab, you'll notice that any category that is paused will show up like that on your schedule so that you know exactly what posting times are getting skipped.

When should you pause a category?

The correct answer for this is usually in your content strategy, but, as a rule of thumb, you can pause a category when you want to stop publishing something short-term, without having to modify your current schedule to accommodate that. 

A good example of this is the recent Coronavirus outbreak, which turned most businesses' Social Media content upside down. You'll want to adjust your content around this topic, to better suit the needs of your audience in this time of need, so, you might want to pause those promotional posts that sell the perfect vacation. Instead, while this is going on, you can focus your efforts on creating some wanderlust, for when this is all over. 

In this case, you can use the pause feature to keep that content on hold, until the dust settles and people go back to their normal routines. 

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