Content Categories: All You Need to Know

What is a Content Category?

  • What? Content Categories = Folders = Buckets to organize your posts = You could consider them your content library. 
  • Why? Adding different types of posts in those Categories will help you get a better content mix. 
  • Types? We give you some preset Categories like Blogs from RSS feeds, Promotional, Educational, Quotes, etc.
  • How? You add posts into Content Categories → then you add Content Categories in your Posting Schedule. Each week, we look at your posting schedule to see from what Category we need to share your next post.
We call this whole process: Category-based scheduling.

Content Categories

How do I create a Content Category?


    Go to SocialBee's Dashboard and click on "Content" → "Categories" in the left-side menu.


    Now, in the top-right corner of your screen, click on the "Create Category" button.

    Create Content Category


    A new window will open, where you will be able to customize your Category. 


    Setup Category: Add the basic details of your category—name, description, and color.


    Default Settings:

    — Choose where you want new posts to be added in the Category (top/ bottom).

    — Choose if you want content from this Category to be shared randomly.

    — Choose if you want to re-queue the content—making it evergreen (compared to shared once). This means the posts will be reshared endlessly unless you delete them/ expire them.  

    URL Settings:  Set  UTM parameters/ shorten all the links added in that specific Category.


    Hit "Create Category".

Types of Content Categories

  1. Evergreen or Share Once
  2. Preset Categories
  3. Random Categories

What should I do with my Content Categories?

Once you’ve created your new Content Category, you can go ahead:

  1. Add posts in the Content Category, and:
  2. Add the Content Category in your schedule.

Pausing a Content Category

If you'd like to stop posting from a specific Content Category, check out this in-depth here.

Changing your Content Category color

If you're a visual person, you can set different colors for your Content Categories.

These will appear as a top border for your Categories. Learn more about changing your Categories color here.

Posts without a Content Category

If you don't want to assign a post to a Category, you can choose to expire it after being shared-once.

Check out our in-depth article about posts with a Content Category here.

Posting order with content from a Category

If you'd like to move the order of your posts in a Category, see our in-depth article here.

Set up a sequence for your Categories

If you need a sequence of multiple Content Categories to be displayed in your schedule, check out this article here.

Duplicate content in a Content Category

If you want to duplicate a post inside a Content Category, check out this article here.

Bulk edit content in a Content Category

If you want to edit several posts in one go in a Content Category, check out this article here.

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