Twitter Profile Analytics

Check your Twitter Profile's Performance in your Analytics Menu, which you can find on the left-side menu. Once you are on the Analytics page, go to the top-right corner to select the profile you want to preview for, and then, to the left of that, your desired time period.

⚠️  NOTE ⚠️ This information will improve if you have a completed Twitter Ads setup. You can see how to do this at the end of this article.

Page Analytics

This section is dedicated to taking a look at the major stats of your page within a selected period of time. You will be able to assess your Page's growth, reach, and engagement, as well as some demographic information about your audience.

Twitter Growth

This is the first section of your Page Analytics, where you can take a look at how your page has grown over time. At a first glance, you will see the total number of followers and the number of followers gained (or lost) during that day.

Audience Status

In this section, you can see how many followers you have gained or lost in the selected time period for that specific profile on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (according to the period you selected). To see this detailed information, hover over each dot and it will offer the relevant information.

Activity Status

In this section, you can see the number of posts made in your selected time period. This will only count new tweets, so, in case you retweeted a lot of content, it will not be displayed here.

Top Performing Posts

In your Top Performing Posts, you can find all the best performing posts, regardless of their category or type. Here, you'll be able to see their analytics and insight into each post.

Posts Analytics

In this section, you will see your Post History. Here, all the posts made via SocialBee in the selected time period will be added. You can see their category, analytics, as well as the post itself.

How Do I Complete my Twitter Ads Setup?

Completing your Twitter Ads setup will give SocialBee the needed access to take a more in-depth look at your account. You can do so by clicking here and following the steps they prompt. The most important step is temporarily adding a valid payment method. This can be done by following the steps below.

First of all, when the page loads, select Start a campaign

Once you did that, choose your desired objective.

You will be taken to a small setup page where you can add some quick information about your campaign. On this page, click Update information to add a payment method.

In your Funding Sources, go to Add New Funding Source and wait for the popup to generate.

You will be prompted to add your credit card information. Once you're done, click Save in the bottom right corner to add this information to your account.

Once you did, you can go back and finish your campaign or reconnect your account in SocialBee to get the new analytics. If you don't want to run any campaigns on Twitter, you can even delete your credit card information after you have added it.

In case you have any issues setting up your Twitter Ads Account, you can check their help documentation on this.

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