What are the Preset Categories?

We’ve taken the liberty of creating a few preset categories for you. In your “Content” dashboard you’ll now find the following categories:

  • Promotional
  • Our Blog Posts
  • Curated
  • Curated News
  • Blogs from RSS
  • Quotes, Questions, and Fun

Some of these categories are Evergreen, which means that anything you share here, will keep being recycled and so will be posted multiple times, while some are Share Once which means that the posts in this category will be deleted after they are shared. See more about Evergreen vs. Share Once posting here.

If you don’t know what each of these is for, don’t worry, we’ll be flying through each of them below:

1. Promotional

You can add here all Tweets and all posts for your Social Media platforms that refer to any promotional activity.

Please note that depending on which Social Media platforms you choose to share these posts on, your character count might be limited, in accordance with that platform. So, if you want to share the same post on Twitter and Facebook, you will need to keep the character count under 280 characters (remember when it used to just be 140 characters?). Otherwise, Twitter will not be able to post it.

We suggest you add here any offers you may have, promote your products/services, send people over to your website or use it to get more leads/newsletter subscriptions/sales or achieve your marketing objectives.

This category is Evergreen.

2. Our Blogs

This could be the home to all your amazing blog posts - if you have one, of course. You’ve worked so hard on creating them - so share them with the world. And not just once.

You can add your blog’s RSS feed to this category, so the new blog posts will show up here automatically. You could also add each post you want to share manually if you’d like the post to have a different title than the title of your blog posts.

We recommend using the RSS feed as it offers lots of flexibility while saving a lot of time. If you want to learn how to add RSS feeds, you can check out our tutorial, here.

This category is Evergreen, as most of the blog posts are not time-sensitive and can be shared again and again. If you rather share news, feel free to edit this category so it’s Share Once.

3. Curated

So you want to share more content. Curation is a great way to get people engaged on your Social Media profiles and it can help bring more credibility to your own content. By sharing other credible sources, your own content becomes better and more trustworthy in your readers’ minds. You also show you’re giving value, and that you’re not just self-promotional. We recommend that you only use evergreen content, and only share articles that you identify with, as a brand.

This category is Evergreen.

4. Curated News

We already talked about content curation but what if you want to share some of the curated content just once? Well, if you want to add news or time-sensitive articles to your feed, we suggest you use this category.

This category is Share Once.

5. Blogs from RSS

A different way to add content to your feed is to add some RSS feeds for blogs of influencers in your area of expertise. This is especially useful if those influencers buzz about your products or services.

We recommend using the RSS feed as it saves a lot of time. If you want to learn how to add RSS feeds, you can check out our tutorial, here.

This category is Share Once.

6. Quotes, Questions, and Fun

Social media needs to be social, right? That’s why, the best way to engage with your followers is by creating fun posts, that they want to interact with. Depending on the industry you’re in, this could really work in your favor. We suggest you add here memes, funny posts, or anything related to your industry, that keeps the conversation light and is relatable to your audience.

This category is Evergreen.

This being said, you can always create your own categories (see How do I create a Content Category), based on the type of content you want to share, by simply clicking the “+ Create category” button in your Categories dashboard.  This way, you can also choose if you want that category to be Evergreen or Share Once.

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