Content Categories: What Are the Preset Categories?

To help you get started easier, we've created Preset Content Categories for you.

  • You can think of your preset Categories as different types of content or ideas for your social media feeds. 
  • You can always edit or delete the preset Categories, and create Categories that best match your needs.

In your “Content” tab, by default, you’ll now find the following Categories:

  • Blogs from RSS
  • Curated
  • Curated News
  • Quotes, Questions, and Fun
  • Promotional
  • Our Blog Posts

Some Categories are Evergreen, while others are Share-Once:

  • Evergreen Category = any post you add here will keep being recycled (re-shared) multiple times
  • Share-Once Category = any post you add in this category will be deleted after they are shared. 

See an in-depth comparison between evergreen VS share once here.

Your Preset Content Categories

We generate those Content Categories for you by default, so here are more details on each:

1. Promotional

  • You can add here all your posts that contain something promotional.
  • We suggest you add here any offers you may have, promote your products/services, send people over to your website, or use it to get more leads/newsletter subscriptions/ sales. 

2. Our Blogs

  • You can add your blog’s RSS feed to this Category, so the new blog posts will show up here automatically.
  • Most of the blog posts are not time-sensitive, and can be shared again and again. If you share news on your blog, feel free to edit this category, so it’s Share-Once.

3. Curated

  • By sharing other credible sources (by curating content), your own content becomes better and more trustworthy in your readers’ minds. 
  • We recommend that you only use evergreen content, and only share articles that you identify with, as a brand.

4. Curated News

  • We already talked about content curation, but what if you want to share some curated content just once? If you want to add news or time-sensitive articles to your social media feeds, we suggest you use this Category.

5. Blogs from RSS

  • A different way to add content to your feed is to add blogs' RSS feed from influencers blogs.
  • This is especially useful if those influencers buzz about your products or services.

6. Quotes, Questions, and Fun

  • The best way to engage with your followers is by creating fun posts that they want to interact with. 
  • We recommend you add memes, humorous posts, or anything that keeps the conversation light and is relatable to your audience.
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