What's the Preset Schedule?

At SocialBee, we work with Content Categories quite a lot. Your Content Categories contain posts, and your Content Categories get added to your Posting Schedule

We look at your Schedule set-up and share posts from your Categories at the hour & date you've picked. 

The Preset Schedule

  • To make it easier for you to set a posting schedule, we’ve created the Preset Schedule. 
  • The Preset Schedule contains our Preset Content Categories set to send out a post at an optimized time. 

  • Click on “Yes, create the schedule” and we'll generate your posting schedule based on best practices.
  • If you don’t want to use our Preset Schedule, you can start from scratch, by clicking “No, I’ll start from scratch”.

This is what the Preset Schedule looks like:

You can learn more about your posting schedule, by checking out the following help articles: Schedule Overview or Individual Schedule Setup.

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