What’s a random category?

A random category is an option we offer to switch up the schedule.

If you don’t know what category to post from at a specific time, you can pick a random one. This means it will share at random, out of all the categories you have - but only from the ones that have the feature enabled.

The “Random Category” feature only randomizes the categories. Making a category of your choice random, however, does not change the post sequence inside a category, so don’t worry about that. This means that inside a category the order of the articles that need to be posted will remain the same one that you set up, or the order that was generated at upload (Last in, First out). The only thing that gets randomized is which category gets posted.

This type of posting also offers a little bit of diversity (or unpredictability) to your posts, so that your followers don’t get bored of the pattern they see.

Here’s how to set up a category to be featured in the random selection:

From your Categories dashboard, click “edit” on the category you want to include in Random, and make sure the checkbox next to “Can Also be Used as a Random Category” is checked. This also applies when creating a new category.

You can also see which categories have already been included in “Random”, by looking at the shuffle icon, placed right under the category’s name, in your Categories Dashboard. If the Icon is active, your category is included in the randomization process. If it is disabled, your category is not included in the randomization process.

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