Instagram Threads Integration: Awaiting API Access

What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads is a social media platform brought to you by Meta (specifically, Instagram). Think of it as a platform akin to what X (formerly known as Twitter) used to be – a place where you can share thoughts and updates in a text-based format. Threads allows you to create posts of up to 500 words, providing a space to express yourself more extensively.

We've been listening to your requests and understand your desire to see SocialBee integrate with Instagram Threads.

At the moment, Threads hasn't yet introduced an API for third-party integrations. This means that we currently don't have the capability to integrate SocialBee with Threads.

We're closely following Threads' developments. If and when Threads introduces an API that allows for third-party tools, we'll work on an integration to support posting and everything else made via API.

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